I’m a theater kid that went to tech school. I grew up either sitting behind a drumset or singing and acting on stage alongside my siblings. As I got older, I discovered a fascination with building things. I followed this passion to MIT where I found outlets through which I could merge all of my interests.

For the past two decades, I have worked to obtain a set of experiences and skills both unique and useful. After many years of creative endeavors onstage and graduating from a highly regarded public high school, I sought out a world-class engineering education. I began my undergraduate work studying computer science at Harvard, but quickly felt the need for something more hands on. I transferred to MIT to pursue mechanical engineering, where I continued to explore my interests in all academic disciplines with the goal of understanding how the physical world works. At school, I’ve worked on a series of high-profile projects as a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, apprenticing under exceptional leaders in the live entertainment industry. In tandem, I’ve nurtured and strengthened my musical abilities as a jazz and musical theater drummer (see my music website here), as well as honed my ability to self-teach new technical skills and conduct my own research.

Currently, I first and foremost dedicate my time to completing my degree at MIT. I also work on a variety of projects, shows, and companies in supportive a role. Through this, I have developed some specialties: designing technical and control architectures, translating creative or business intent into technical implementation, and identifying the human-driven goals and how to achieve them. I am currently learning the necessities of creative direction for musical, visual, and experiential shows, and honing additional creative skills in visual art and musical production. A great deal of this was inspired by my internship with Walt Disney Imagineering, a pioneer of combining technical innovation and creative ambition.

In the near future, I hope to seek a place in industry related to media, entertainment, and other humanities-oriented realms that allows me to help others. In addition, I hope to involve myself in social change and experiences that engender empathy between individuals. But most of all, I plan emulate the words of Walt Disney himself: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”